We’re headed into the start of a new season, but sports news doesn’t sleep. Here are some recent developments we thought our ArbiterSports fans would love. Click on any headline to learn more.

Get a Leg Up and Stretch

Flexibility can help game officials recover from games and perform optimally on the field or court. It can also extend the life of an official’s career. As one of the pillars of physical fitness, flexibility can increase performance levels, but the value of stretching is often underestimated. The key to making the most out of pre- and post-game stretching is to know what you’re doing. There’s a difference between static and dynamic stretching, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine has tips on effective techniques to make it easy to incorporate stretching into your routine.

2017 MLB Ballpark Food Safety Rankings

Whether you’re a sports fan looking for a bite to eat during the game or an official looking for a meal afterward, stadium food is a part of baseball. But is the food you eat safe? Sports Illustrated compiled data from 28 local health departments in their most recent inspections of baseball stadiums to rank league food safety. While violations don’t mean you should panic, violations across multiple concession stands in one stadium could spell trouble. Click through the link to see where your favorite ballpark ranks.

Heroic Ref Saves Player’s Life After Injury, Goes to Hospital to Console Mother

When referees take the field, they’re expected to know the rules of the game and help host a fair contest. But you can never underestimate the importance of humanity, as Argentinian referee and physical education teacher Yael Falcon Perez demonstrated. While he was refereeing a game, he noticed a player sustain a serious injury. His quick thinking ensured the player got the attention he needed in the moment, but Perez didn’t stop there: he also went to the hospital with the player’s mother.


Stay Connected this Season with ArbiterMobile

The school year is under way, and so are a lot of sports seasons. If you officiate school sports, you know the importance of being able to get that last-minute slot filled as soon as possible or being able to find an address for a new field. With ArbiterMobile, all that information can be right on your smartphone. Access game schedules, site addresses, availability and dates, and contact information for everyone right when you need it. You can also set up email and text notifications for changes and new assignments to make sure you’re at the top of your officiating game.

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