Summer is coming to a close, many schools are starting up, and the stories in sports are just as hot as ever. Here are a few recent topics ArbiterSports social media fans enjoyed that we thought you would appreciate as well. Click on any headline to learn more.

Beware of Referee Fatigue

Soccer players have opportunities to rest, and player fatigue is taken quite seriously. Referee fatigue is more likely to get overlooked. Unfortunately, with all of the games that need to be covered and an ongoing referee shortage, referees run the risk of physically and mentally burning out if they work too hard. It’s important to stay focused as the season wears on and to listen to what your body and brain need to keep your performance at its best.

High School Adds Referee Class to Combat Youth Sports Officiating Shortage

The referee shortage in youth sports is a growing problem, and tackling it comes down to solving two problems: making the profession more attractive to young people who are considering their career options, and getting them to stick with it once they’re in. One high school in Zanesville, Ohio came up with a solution: offering sports officiating as a class. For the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, students at Zanesville High can take an elective class to learn how to officiate a variety of sports with the opportunity to take an exam to become Class 3 officials—meaning that once their class is done and they’ve passed, they can officiate youth sports at freshman levels and lower.

Kentucky Becomes First State to Mandate Additional Face Protection in Softball

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association wants to ensure that more softball players’ faces are protected during games. As a result, pitchers, first basemen, and third basemen have to wear face protection equipment as the manufacturer intended. This goes into effect with the 2018 season, and the recommendation has also been made to the Middle School Advisory Committee.

Autistic Teen Gains Confidence Officiating Soccer in Eudora

Braeden Herron has been involved in the Eudora Parks and Recreation Department since he was five and playing youth soccer, and his passion for the game followed him to the Eudora High School junior varsity team. Now, the 16-year-old is giving back to the department and the kids that share his love of soccer by officiating pre-K and kindergarten soccer league games. When Braeden wanted to referee soccer, assistant director Jimmy Kegin hired him and kept him included in text conversations to referees, weekly schedules, and even offered to give Braeden rides to games if he needed them. For Kegin, hiring Braeden wasn’t a big deal: for Braeden, though, breaking down that barrier meant building his confidence and helping him do more of what he loves.

School’s in Session with ArbiterSports

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