In 1984, ArbiterSports pioneered the use of computer technology to help manage officiating programs. Today, sports leagues and associations make nearly 10 million assignments to more than 360,000 officials every year using ArbiterSports technology.

Assigners can easily and efficiently manage and assign officials and provide online access to real-time game information to officials, leagues and teams.

Athletic Directors can schedule games, manage team rosters, arrange transportation, change venues and times, send notifications, pay game staff, and track the entire process online.

Leagues and athletic departments can electronically pay officials or other game workers assigned through ArbiterOne or ArbiterGame.

With ArbiterLive you can give parents, students, athletes and fans an online view of what’s happening with your school or team.

Officiating organizations can quickly create portals where officials can register with the organization and complete customized eligibility and training requirements.

State associations and officiating organizations get a single, comprehensive view of the entire ArbiterSports system to track progress and measure results.

Today’s busy, mobile officials can access the core benefits of ArbiterOne from their mobile devices and set up alerts to warn them of updates, changes and cancellations